Such a joy to get to live in Jackson in the summer, and to work a job that often requires you to be out in nature! Flo works with so many of Jackson’s awesome locations and local families, so she knows the perfect places to use for a big family session like this one. With the weeks growing a little colder and the sky bringing in lots of clouds, it’s time to start winding down the craziness of the summer season of photoshoots. The R Park, which has become one of Flo’s staple locations this season, offered clients such a warm and beautiful glow with many different looks, and this family session was no exception.

As a photographer, seeing the summer go is a little sad for Flo, because the weather becomes a bit of a challenge when working with clients as the threat of snow comes closer! BUT the ending of the summer season also opens up some amazing opportunities of the fall–portraits in the beautiful chilly weather, with lots of colorful leaves, and a whole different and equally as beautiful vibe.

Jackson Hole hardly ever disappoints! Flo is grateful for another fantastic summer with many clients, both returning and new.