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As a Grand Teton National Park family portrait photographer, I offer expert photography in Jackson Hole and GTNP. Leverage my deep local knowledge to capture stunning family portraits in these breathtaking locations.

When I started my portrait business 30 years ago, I happened to be lucky enough to choose one of the most stunning locations in the world to be based.

The Grand Teton National Park and the town of Jackson Hole offer endless locations to work in. I have grown up into adulthood and experienced everything that a photographer can experience while working and creating in this beautiful location. I am a wealth of resources when it comes to just about everything here in Jackson Hole and GTNP.  

Being a location portrait photographer has endless challenges to negotiate. There is the weather, bugs, wind, sagebrush, snow, sun, clouds, and no trees to hide under, no diffusion to help with flattering light for portrait work, and nothing to lean on to help compliment the body while sitting for a portrait.

From years and years and years of scouting, working with every type of visitor, family, and individual all over Teton County, I can guide you to the best experience ever.

I have studied the way the sun rises and comes across the Grand Teton Mountains. I have researched the locations that are far enough away from the mountain to use the best lens to compress the mountains and complement the subjects. I have discovered great locations that complement my subjects when it comes to more than just standing in a field feeling awkward. I have developed a system using photographer gear that compliments my subject when out in a field with bright sun and no relief from the light. Of course, I also know the best time of day and the ideal wardrobe that fits the environment.

The Grand Teton Mountains are a breathtaking site but when you place people in front of them it takes skill, knowledge, and experience to make your subjects look amazing. Lean on my talents and focus on what matters to you…family, the beauty around you, and a fun vacation or summer. I can do the rest.


Deposit: Clients are required to pay the session fee deposit with a credit at the time of booking to secure their session date and time. This deposit guarantees your slot and prevents other bookings for that period. The deposit will be credited towards your final bill. Payment can be made via cash, credit cards, checks, or Venmo. If you request hair and makeup services, we would be happy to help schedule or refer you to outside salons.

Rescheduling: You may reschedule your shoot for any reason, provided you notify us 48 hours before the scheduled time, without forfeiting your deposit.

Retouching: I specialize in natural retouching aimed at enhancing your appearance while preserving your authentic look—well-rested, healthy, put-together, and blemish-free. We strive to present the best version of you, subtly making you appear a little younger without altering your essential features. Each image includes up to three rounds of retouching, although most images typically require only one. Additional retouching is available for $10-30 per round, depending on the complexity of the adjustments required.

While I endeavor to meet all client requests, our focus is on natural studio and location shoots. We do not specialize in heavy alterations or composite images. For specialized retouching needs beyond our scope, you are welcome to take the images to external service providers.


I had been selling my images since I was 15. By the time I was 19 I thought I was pretty good. I got hired on a part time basis to carry stuff for a photographer. So in a sense all I was, was very cheap labor to carry stuff, my ability with a camera was incidental.

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