Florence McCall Portrait Photography

With over 21 years experience of photographing the most fabulous families, kids, high school seniors, athletes, business people and artists of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I specialize in showcasing the love and joy of my subjects in beautiful wall portraits. My studio is located in Jackson, WY but I’m available for travel worldwide.

Photography Services

Whether I am capturing a family that has trusted me yearly for a decade to document their story, or one that has just come to me with their first newborn, I will never forget how lucky I am to do this job. But capturing the moments is just the beginning; my goal is for your family to truly enjoy the images that I produce. And that can’t happen unless they are printed. Your family’s memories are too precious to stay locked up on a disc- waiting for that one day when you might figure out how to make wall art or an album that will stand the test of time (and be worthy of display in your beautiful home). By utilizing the finest vendors in the country and working with you to plan and design custom displays, your family becomes the art that makes your house a home. I work with you as a team before, during, and after each session. First, I will discuss with you the perfect location and timing. Let me play with your kids to bring out their true joy; and I will coordinate the perfect moments you’ll want to remember forever. Expert retouching is always included, as is an in-home art consultation, where I will bring to life ideas for your home display. We include hand delivery of all art and albums, and professional installation is also available. For the out of town client, I am hands on as much as possible, working closely on the phone to get the job done.


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Alex J
  • Working with Flo and her staff to accomplish family portraits is like painting your favorite room green. It’s irresistible. She’s flexible with schedules, and we are always outside in this beautiful mountain environs. She’s youthful and vibrant and catches the subtle dynamics of relationships. We can’t wait to see her 2018 ideas and style.

    Macye Lavender Maher, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Flo has been photographing our family as they grow each summer for the past ten years. Each year, the location is more beautiful than the last and Flo has such an amazing way of capturing my girls personalities in each photo she takes. We are so thankful to have met Flo so many years ago and look forward each summer to meeting up with her again and seeing what magic she will create!

    Ann Ballard, Alexandria, Va

  • Flo has taken pictures for our family since our children were newborns. She handles the chaos of small children and dogs with patience and humor, and the results are always outstanding. No matter the weather, the setting or the mood, Flo captures natural, care-free images every time.

    Meredith Adams, Jackson Hole, Wy

  • We haven’t considered any other photographer since Flo began doing our holiday cards several years ago. She’s a pleasure to work with, even with young children and a puppy involved, and the sessions always yield a range of gorgeous prints we use for frames and books. I highly recommend Flo for her creativity, flexibility, personality and reliability!

    Valerie Rockefeller, Old Greenwich, Ct

  • Flo's calm and confident demeanor make for a truly perfect photography session. From her detailed scouting of locations to her assistance with selecting the best clothing options to compliment the scene, no detail is missed. I've had the pleasure of working with Flo for nearly a decade. She is an absolute delight to work with and creates the most magical photographs.

    Beth Jones, Houston Texas