Portraits in Grand Teton National Park

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I am celebrating 30 years of photographing the families, kids, high school seniors, athletes, business people, and artists of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I specialize in showcasing the love and joy of my subjects in beautiful wall portraits. As a mom of two amazing kids (Tanner, 20, and Anabel, 16) I have an eye for capturing beautiful family moments.

Portraits in Grand Teton National Park
Portraits in Grand Teton National Park


Finding the right location is key for making stunning portraits.  Here in Grand Teton National Park, I have been scouting locations for 30 years.  With this client, she wanted a quiet, undisturbed location away from tourists and I knew exactly where to go.

Styling is also essential.  Sometimes we just want a cool image but don't know how to create it.  I have been bringing visions to life for over 30 years.  The client and I worked closely to create the vision she had.  We planned the day, the time, the outfits, the vibe and the props, what a fun process.

It's hard to get the feeling you need when the weather is not working with you, I bring assistants to help step up the image....helping with lighting,  with making sure the scarfes fly in the wind and all the tiny details that elevate an image.  When working with me, I think it's very worth it to bring along 2-3 assistants depending on the vision.

We see these images in magazines and only wish we could be in the photo and yes you can! I got your back and will do the nessesary things to get you prepped, looking and feeling fantastic to create an image worthy of being displayed at your home and to share with friends and family.  We all need to have our moment in the spotlight!

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