Florence McCall Photography Travels To Hawaii

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I am celebrating 30 years of photographing the families, kids, high school seniors, athletes, business people, and artists of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I specialize in showcasing the love and joy of my subjects in beautiful wall portraits. As a mom of two amazing kids (Tanner, 20, and Anabel, 16) I have an eye for capturing beautiful family moments.

Florence McCall Photography Travels To Hawaii
Florence McCall Photography Travels To Hawaii

I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii for Spring break.  But before I packed my bags I thought it would be a good idea to bring my portrait lens just in case I drummed up some business. It was a good thing I did because I met up with 3 families who jumped at the opportunity to do a portrait session while on their spring break; 1 session on Oahu and 2 on the Big Island.  They were thrilled because it was an opportunity to have the family together without the normal everyday stresses of life at home and I was thrilled because I was on vacation and I was happy and relaxed.  I was also highly inspired because of new backdrops, locations I was not visually tired of, and new light to work with. It was just a wonderful vibe to be in.  This is the direction that I would like to take Florence McCall Photography in. If you are planning a trip with people you love, talk to me, I can work out a schedule to travel to you.  I would be thrilled to create art of your family in places that you love.  So, this summer if you are going to your summer home, or this winter planning a family holiday trip or even next spring break, it’s never too early to add this to your experience.  Aloha!



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