Finishing The Summer Strong

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I am celebrating 30 years of photographing the families, kids, high school seniors, athletes, business people, and artists of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I specialize in showcasing the love and joy of my subjects in beautiful wall portraits. As a mom of two amazing kids (Tanner, 20, and Anabel, 16) I have an eye for capturing beautiful family moments.

Finishing The Summer Strong
Finishing The Summer Strong

Some of Flo’s favorite shoots this summer have been families with small kids. Many clients often ask Flo for a photo session that involves their little kiddos, and sometimes the stress of trying to make sure the little guys are behaving and looking presentable can wear down on the parents. Flo, however, knows her way around taking photos of children, and she comes to every photoshoot well-equipped with puppets, candy, and a great attitude to make sure that every little gal and guy is smiling and having fun throughout their portraits.


The Mettam family had two of the cutest little twin boys who were so full of energy and fun that they were wiggling all over the place for their photos! Luckily, they were easily persuaded to smile and pose for photos when the puppets came out and helped them stand still and focus on the camera! It’s so important for everyone to feel comfortable during and photo session, including the littles.

It takes a lot of jokes, funny words, and candy to make taking portraits of children a great success, and Austin and Mason did so well once things got rolling!

And, of course, you’ve always gotta have a little fun when working with kiddos!

There’s something about all the gorgeous light that Jackson has had this summer that has made it so special to shoot in. Golden hour and all of its glory usually allows for some magical photos, and when you get portraits taken in the afternoon sunshine, it really can make everything so natural and soft.

Before the shoot is over, Flo always likes to get a few photos of the awesome parents who raise up their kiddos! It’s always so good to get portraits taken with your loved one that preserve the beauty of the moment and the joy of the relationship!

A huge thank you to the Mettam family for being so enthusiastic and fun to work with. Flo loves creating with clients who are laid-back and willing to have a little fun to get the portraits that matter most–ones that capture the family authentically as they are!

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