Custom Album: Wild And Western

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I am celebrating 30 years of photographing the families, kids, high school seniors, athletes, business people, and artists of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I specialize in showcasing the love and joy of my subjects in beautiful wall portraits. As a mom of two amazing kids (Tanner, 20, and Anabel, 16) I have an eye for capturing beautiful family moments.

Custom Album: Wild And Western
Custom Album: Wild And Western

This New York family had so much fun frolicking in front of the Tetons! Flo and the team really love the western style that all the kids had. The earth tones match nicely, and the different patterns and accessories are all similar thematically, drawing the eye to the subjects.

This family decided to purchase a custom album, which Flo designed with over 60 images. Albums are one of the best ways to enjoy memories and capture a family’s story. From big smiles and high-energy candids to serious portraits and gorgeous family vignettes, albums show off the dynamic nature of parents, kids, and extended family.


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