It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting a little colder, the nights getting a little shorter, and it’s no doubt that the fall season is coming fast! Now that kids are heading back to school after a long and gloriously sunny summer, the time for high school seniors to start thinking about their last year has come. Flo has been shooting senior portraits for the community of Jackson Hole for 25+ years, and she is so happy to see another year come where more of the kids she’s seen grow up are getting ready to graduate.



Pictured here is Tashi, a young lady who’s family reached out to Flo in order to get some warm, vibrant photos of their beautiful senior before the summer weather faded.



If you have a kiddo who’s getting ready to spread their wings and head out of high school, Flo is here to take their portraits and commemorate such a huge milestone! She knows the best spots, the best light, and the best ways to make them smile pretty for the camera. It’s so awesome for Flo to have seen so many kids in Jackson grow up over the years, and getting to document their next big adventure with her photos is something she thinks is truly so special.



If you need senior portraits, you know who to call! Flo is ready to make your child shine!