After working with Will creating his high school senior portraits, I realized I was making a photo essay of Will and who he is today. We worked with a wide range of light, locations and feeling, creating images that his parents LOVED.  I also was extremely satisfied with the results.  After a few minutes into the session, my subject relaxed and we worked together on playing with light and bringing out Will’s personality.  This experience for me validated how much I love my job and creating lasting portraits for people who value this timeless tradition.  His parents ordered a ton of framed images for their walls.  In the end we, both photographer and client were thrilled! I hope you enjoy the images from this session!

Portrait black and white

Black & white image by barn.

Lacrosse portrait

Will looking tough in his lax gear

Portrait of high school senior

All shades of blues and grays makes for a strong image.

Doorway image portrait of boy

The doorway really makes this images strong

mountain portrait of boy

The mountains gives us a sense of place.

scenic portrait of high school boy

This was an all natural light image, with the trees diffusing the sunlight, so softer on my subject.

casual portrait of high school kid

At the end, we were enjoy the setting sun and found this angle

reflection portrait of high school kid

reflection is always cool to work with.