As the great Spring thaw is upon us here in Jackson Hole, it’s no wonder that so many local families fled to the warm sunshine of Hawaii on their Spring Break! Last year around this time, Flo advertised that she and her family would be taking to the seas and heading to Hawaii for a vacation and that she was available for portrait sessions. She was surprised to have a influx of inquiries from the local families in town that were also traveling to the islands for their own breaks, and the sessions were such a great success, she just had to do it again this year when she was planning on heading to both Maui and the Big Island for a two week blitz!

Hawaii, although known for its gorgeous beaches, golden sunlight, and good vibes, always proves to be a worthy challenge for any photographer who isn’t local to the islands. There are so many factors to the environment there which, if you aren’t there living and shooting them every day, can make a photoshoot a bit of an adventure for both the clients and the photographer. Equipped with her trusty gear, Flo battled some of those factors such as gusts of wind that came off the ocean, constantly-changing natural light, and lots of tourists in the background of her photos! Despite the odds, Flo managed to totally take charge of the sessions and to trust her skills and her creativity, making the process of finding the “perfect” spots to photograph much less of a burden and more of a fun learning experience. The photos, as you’re probably able to guess, came out beautifully, and her clients were so pleased with the casual, warm feeling they evoked when Flo was finished with them.

After a glorious two weeks on the islands, Flo returned home rejuvenated and ready to gear up for the summer! With the phone ringing every day and the inbox filling up, she is ready and excited to make more magic out in the beloved scenery of Jackson.

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