Flo has found a lot of inspiration through the art of dance recently, and she has had the wonderful opportunity to capture a number of dancers this year that have really brought such a nice contrast in her work and given her a chance to be creative with light, scenery, and a change in her usual subjects.

Flo is no stranger to photographing dancers, and using her many years of experience and her manipulation of light, she has created a gorgeous photojournalism-style portrait collage for Tanner, a young local dancer who is currently on his way to dancing with a professional ballet company and who has been studying his craft his whole life.

Flo captured Tanner in both her studio and out in the plains of the Grand Teton National Park, giving him a variety of photos to add to her resume and to both stun and astound with the contrasting settings which allowed for such striking portraits.

Flo has been in such a great season of pushing herself to stay creative and fresh with her work, and photos like these that leap out at the viewer and are considered more art than photo are the reason why she loves photography so. If she can make a portrait that grips her viewers and one that tells a story, it is always seen as a huge victory in her book.