Something that Flo has perfected over her years of photography has most definitely been photographing large groups. Don’t be fooled–it’s much more difficult then you might think! It’s not as simple as just telling everyone in a group of anywhere from 10-30 people to smile; there’s a certain formula to getting a truly awesome portrait of an entire extended family, and Flo is happy to know that she nails it every time after working hard to perfect it.


In this group of 11 people, Flo always looks for clever ways to frame the entire group in the environment that she is shooting them in. For instance, looking at the fence, Flo saw a natural structure that made a perfect window for the family to get comfortable in and that is extremely complimentary to their wishes of getting some Jackson-esque photos taken. Then, Flo takes a good look at the order of the family–grandparents usually always take the center, and the family can fill in around them. By balancing the colors in everyone’s outfits, and also making sure that everyone feels like what they are doing is normal and comfortable for them, Flo can get a relaxed portrait that ends up being just what the family wanted, and something that she can be very happy with and go home feeling great about having produced such stellar captures.