One of the most beloved things about Jackson is its summer months. With its warm (but not too warm!) summers, its long golden hours in the evenings, and its quick rainstorms that keep everything nice and green, it’s a beautiful place that is constantly a hub for athletes and locals alike to get outdoors during our winter-free months. That being said, Spring in Jackson Hole is always a bit of a gamble, especially when you’re in a profession like Flo’s! Once the snow melts, there are a few solid weeks where rain can come into the valley quickly and take what was a nice day and turn it into a pretty wet one!

When the Thompson’s (vacationing from Charleston) came to Flo and asked for a May family session at Mormon Row, Flo was happy to get them in the schedule. The day came with blue skies and things were going swimmingly…until the rain clouds started to form in the afternoon a few hours before the shoot.


After rendezvousing at Mormon Row and piling into the Thompson’s car to escape the downpour that met them there, Flo and the family waited it out for 45 minutes, expecting to have to cancel the session altogether if the weather didn’t improve.

After a bit of time, the clouds broke, and the rain ceased enough for Flo and the Thompson’s to run to location and start shooting! Determination goes a long way here in Jackson!

The portraits Flo got were, as always, beautiful and true to the heart of Jackson Hole. The weather wasn’t going to ruin this family’s session, and all it took was a bit of patience, which led to some striking photos.



Mormon Row is a favorite spot of many families for pictures, and Flo knows the location so well that she has it down to a formula. Taking photos there is something she specializes in, and she knows all the best spots to get the perfect photos for her clients.



Spring has sprung for photo sessions! Flo is getting busier by the day!