Flo has always been shooting busy summers for years. The Spring months usually consists of a lot of setup, a lot of scheduling, a lot of meetings, and a lot of refreshing of equipment in order to get ready for the months where she shoots almost every day around Jackson Hole to fill the needs of her wonderful clients. That being said, it’s been a while since Flo has had time to really hone in on her craft and to slow down in her creativity. This Spring, amid a studio refresh and a lot of off-season work that has been different than her usual queue, Flo has found the time to make art in ways that she hasn’t visited for years.


Anabel (pictured) was in the studio playing with some prop flowers when Flo had her pause as she snagged her camera, and in a few short moments, magic was happening behind the lens. As you can see, a striking portrait came from the bit of time where Flo was just able to breathe, to take her time, and to have a little fun while shooting where there was no pressure and she was allowed to just simply do her thing.