Senior portraits are always a wonderful moment for young people to highlight not only the wonderful occasion of graduating, but also give them a chance to capture their passions in a personal way that commemorates who they are as well as what they do. Flo has seen so many seniors during their final year in high school, and she’s found that those kids who have such awesome skills and passions almost always try to include that element into their portrait sessions. Rachael, who has been competitively showing horses since she was in middle school, knew that her portraits needed to represent that love of riding, so Flo worked with her directly to capture not only her competition garb, but also her trusty horse companion.

When Rachael’s mom suggested they get Rachael in a little more glam for some portraits with her horse, Flo was happy to oblige and to create some art!

There was also the need for some portraits that simply captured Rachael–Flo managed to find some beautiful backlight that made for some really elegant and striking photos.

As you can see, Rachael really worked it!

It’s so special to have senior portraits taken that are true to the person and what they love. It was such a joy to get to work with Rachael and her passion for horses–there’s nothing better than being able to create art with things that are held so dear to others.