Working with backlight is a skill that is key to strong portrait photography. Flo knows her way around beautiful summer sunsets, and she is always keen on placing her subjects in front of the gorgeous glow in order to make art out of her portraits.

Using a reflector to compliment the backlight, the possibilities are endless with creating a striking photo that puts the subject at the center. Flo finds that having a natural light source for outdoor portraits is usually the strongest way to highlight her clients, especially when working with individuals instead of large groups. The light you see her is provided mainly from the sunset that was occurring behind the subject, and you can see the light working with her skin tones to add some really soft colors and highlights.

Normally, when shooting a subject who is standing directly in front of the light source, a photographer runs the risk of creating a silhouette and making the subject too dark. Flo, through her many years of working with backlight, has learned that using a reflector beneath the face of her subjects can make the face and the eyes pop with the same light that is coming in from behind them, and otherwise filling in the darkest parts of the image with that same even, balanced glow.

The learning never ends in photography! Flo finds new techniques to apply to her methods every day.