Flo works with all sorts of professionals in the community. The Realty Group JH reached out to Flo to get some updated photos taken for their website and for the newspaper, and Flo delivered images that were high quality and full of personal flare in order to best represent the professionals as they are. Something so unique to the JH community is how much everything overlaps–Flo often finds that she knows something about everyone due to the tight circles of the community, and she was happy to find that she was the top pick of the Realty Group JH when they needed portraits taken.

Portrait photography is so focused on the person that Flo always finds ways to make her subjects shine from the picture, even if it is something as straight forward as a headshot or business photo. Due to her many years of experience with shooting men and women in the corporate world, she has found the perfect formula to nailing her photos of them every time, while also making a beautiful image in the process.