Flo has found such inspiration recently in the gorgeous setting of the Wyoming public lands, and she has been itching to take some strong portraits of a group of girls who bring flair to photos through their chemistry and their contemporary looks. Digging through the community of photographers around her, Flo created an idea around this group that made a photo shoot into art in the best way possible through her expert use of fixed light and of working with her environment. Gathering up the group of young local girls, she took them out into the wilderness of JH to create something she fondly calls KATM, or “Kids And The Mountains”.

Through the use of light manipulation, Flo created an entire environment for her shoot that makes strong portraits amid the grasses of the plains.

It’s not hard to see that Flo had a lot of fun shooting this, and it easily became one of her favorite independent projects she’s done in a long time. Since she has so many years of experience shooting children, this task was something she felt she absolutely nailed, and it’s clear in the photos that she did!