Flo had the honor of capturing the professional team at Jackson Hole’s local Wells Fargo this past week. In need of some fresh headshots and some website updates as new members were coming in, the staff asked Flo to come into their work space and to make some strong, intentional portraits for their crew to be represented by. When shooting commercial headshots for a business like Wells Fargo usually doesn’t lend itself to too much creativity; there’s a job to be done and it is to strictly take professional photos, not to get artsy shots or to take photographic risks. However, with the use of artificial aid lighting on the location and with the use of the surrounding office, Flo managed to not only deliver what the clients asked for, but she also ended up making some stellar headshots for the crew that were clean-cut and handsome.

Pictured here is Joe Amdor, the Senior Private Banker at the Well’s Fargo branch in Jackson, and here we see him well lit in his work environment with a background that is a clear depiction of his line of work while also giving him a relaxed and open feel within his professional headshot. Flo lived in the Bay Area for some of her career, and while she was there, she specialized in traveling the city and taking portraits of the businessmen and businesswomen of San Fransisco. This experience she has allows her to have total control of any professional environment where she is required to make a specific product for the working teams of Jackson when they require commercial work done, and she is no stranger to taking businesses up a notch through her excellent grasp and execution of business photography.