It’s not everyday that you get asked to shoot portraits of a young dancer. Add that to the wintery weather of our beautiful Jackson Hole, and you’ll end up with an incredibly dynamic photo, much like the ones pictured here.

Flo was given the rare and exciting opportunity to capture the elegant art of ballet when Sarah, the pre-professional ballerina from Florida, came to town in hopes of encapsulating her poised craft out in the rugged wilderness of Wyoming. As the light continues to change with the winter months dwindling to an end, it proved a fun challenge to find the perfect locations for Sarah to dance; all without sinking too far into the deep snow when up on pointe! With the traditionalism of fine portraiture paired alongside the artistic expression of ballet, the photos Flo was able to capture are a stunning display of contrast as a graceful swan delicately dances through the wondrous display of Jackson in the winter. The sunset made for a gorgeous backdrop as the soft light allowed for some truly excellent photography.

It’s so fantastic when two trades can come together to create something beautiful. As the spring thaw gets closer and closer in Jackson, it’s a treat for Flo to be able to take on something as fun as this shoot to simply enjoy being creative and different in her approach while still staying true to her love of a clean and striking portrait.