In the spring season, it’s not unlikely for things to be a little slow for FMP. Flo finds herself working lots of little shoots; mostly headshots and community work that are very straightforward and usually a bit predictable on the photographic side. Although the summer is coming fast with all its shoots and events that pile on non-stop, in the quiet of the spring months, Flo took it upon herself to pick up her camera from the bag, ask a friend’s daughter to get glammed up, and to make some portraits that speak to the viewer as art.



Sydney (model) was a perfect way for Flo to keep her creative juices flowing before she pounds the pavement over the summer. Doing simple studio shoots such as this one are a very personal experience for Flo, and they can help her stay motivated and artsy during the downtime; even more so, they remind her why she loves to create portraits in the first place. Getting to take time to simple create without a deadline and without a real purpose can oftentimes yield the greatest results as there is a freedom to just do.



When asking Flo what her favorite thing is about a strong portrait, she will always tell you that she is drawn to the eyes. It’s not very hard to see that these gorgeous photos, while offering an extremely art-deco meets vintage sort of feel, center solely around the model’s transfixing eyes.