The Maybank family was in for a treat when the a typical Teton storm rolled through the valley just in time for their session. Flo finds that whenever she goes out to a location that she in unfamiliar with–in this case, it was a rental house up north of town–she is able to keep a keen eye out for certain aspects of the area that will make for a great backdrop of a photo.

There’s always something to be learned in a craft such as photography that requires so much attention to detail. Flo has learned through her years of experience that she is able to scout out the perfect settings for each and every one of her clients’ stunning portraits. There’s something to be said about a photographer who goes the extra mile when choosing a location for her customers–Flo knows all the in’s and out’s and always ends up finding more and more ways to perfect her craft while making beautiful art for her clients’ walls.

Being such a well known photographer in the Jackson area, Flo works hard to make sure that she is always pushing herself to be the best that she can be in both her photos and her approach to her sessions. It’s easy to see why she is often so successful when shooting–there’s a certain element of care that she puts into her work that always ends up producing a stronger picture.