When Flo was approached by a friend who wanted to get some portraits taken of her two young daughters after their recent freedom from braces, she took the chance to use the time she had with them to put a creative vision into motion. Morgan and Edie, two young ballerinas who are active in the local Dancer’s Workshop in Jackson Hole, were excellent models for Flo to make some magic happen with. Using their pointe shoes, some tutus, and a little bit of team effort, they all were able to have an extremely successful hour of shooting and Flo created some portraits that both transcend reality by offering a antique look and that capture the girls’ natural beauty.


Here Morgan strikes a strong pose up on pointe to show off the strength and elegance a dancer must demonstrate in their craft.



Edie bowed over her shoes like a swan on a lake and made for some truly awestriking images.



Morgan en pointe.



Edie bringing an oil-painting romanticism feel to her portrait.