Making a photo into art is something that Flo loves to incorporate into her craft.

Take this scenario for example: it is a beautiful day in Maui, and a family with young kids is getting their portraits taken by Flo. Amid all the fun and chaos of wrangling ten people into a well-composed photo, two of the youngest children are put on the grass near some bushes to get a cute picture of them as siblings. Any ordinary Hawaii snapshot would include the following: bright sunshine, vibrant colors; all things that would show off the tropical surroundings. Flo, seeing a moment occurring between the kids, took the photo, looked at it, and saw an opportunity to do more than just the status quo of any other island photographer. Although her folders are filled with all the wonderful factors that Hawaii has to offer to photographers, when editing this photo in particular, she was able to make something that felt more like an art piece than just your regular shot. Through the use of subtle sepia and utilizing the textures and the light surrounding the kids, Flo took this portrait and made it speak to its viewer in a way that wouldn’t have been conveyed if the process hadn’t of been slowed down and viewed from an artist’s perspective. This photo would be easy to overlook in the editing queue if not seen as a chance to take it above and beyond what it offers at its surface. Pictured here is a prime example of how a professional photographer like Flo can really alter your photo experience and deliver not only stunning images of your family, but also incredible moments that can draw a viewer in and make them say, “now THAT is a gorgeous portrait”.




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