Last minute senior shoots are something that Flo has come to expect year after year, but this one in particular brought with it a shift in the weather that almost derailed the whole day!

Reed came to Flo to have his pictures taken a month before graduation, and Flo was excited to squeeze him in so that they could get out into nature and get some photos that reflected Reed’s love of his hometown, Jackson. What neither of them expected, however, was a huge rainstorm that occurred shortly before they were going to leave to take Reed’s portraits. Stuck in the studio and with the clock ticking towards graduation day, Flo drew from her expertise and her surrounding resources to get Reed in some places around her studio that still leant themselves to being strong backdrops.



As you can see, even with limited options, Flo managed to create some handsome portraits of Reed that make him look like the grown-up he is becoming, and it’s easy to see why both Reed and his parents were thrilled with the results, despite the setback of the weather.



Over 25 years of photography experience will get you far, and for Flo, it helped her keep a cool head and draw from her resources to stick to her craft and to end up making some beautiful portraits for Reed.